Services in the complex

In connection with rents, the renter provides to the tenant basic services: heating, cleaning including common spaces, provision of right of entry to the complex, surveillance of the complex, waste disposal, cleaning of paved operation areas and also execution of winter maintenance.

The maintenance of the whole complex is provided 24 hours a day by permanent presence of at least one worker.

The cleaning in the complex is provided from 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The other highly above standard services for tenants are possible to negotiate at personal meeting. The team of workers of business center is ready to fulfil even the most demanding requirements of tenants, or to provide them through a supplier.

The expenses on electric energy and water consumption are not a part of rental or of the services connected with providing of rent; they are charged extra every month.

Electric energy is charged monthly on basis of data countdown on a secondary electricity meter.

Consumption of water is charged monthly relatively to total expenses invoiced to the tenant by the supplier.

Price of the rental and provided services is appropriate to demanded services.

The general utilities of the complex, the offices and services provided are above standard.

Services provided for tenants and the care of rented and common areas is high-level.